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           In todays fast paced world and internet , it's easy to get confused and lost when you google information for a new tv or maybe a tv provider. I remember when I was a kid growing up , it was simple. You buy a color or black and white tv and hook up an antenna and there it was. 3 beautiful channels of awesomeness and we were all just floored on how those people got into that small box. That was 1961 and only 3 Networks that lasted until the early 1990's.

        Then the explosion of cable which by the way has been around since 1948 and investors creating new tv stations and content for the commercial free stations.

        Wait there's more, the satellite company's added more competition for you tv dollar.

      Now fast forward to the all that and a bag of chips, the Internet exploded with many new offerings which includes streaming tv.

      So this is just one example of technology that can be very confusing. So we are here to help you get the answers of what it is and how do I work it. We will try to stay focused on the simplicity of the any reviewed tech questions as well as focusing on your tech. So please don't be afraid to ask about your tech. That simply is why we have started this site and we will do our best to keep it simple.

      If a reader chooses to buy a product we recommend as a result of our research, analysis, interviews, and testing, our work is often (but not always) supported through an affiliate commission from the retailer when the reader makes the purchase. There’s no incentive for us to pick inferior products or to respond to pressure from manufacturers—in fact, it’s quite the opposite. If a reader returns their purchase because they’re dissatisfied or the recommendation is bad, we make no affiliate commission. We think that’s a pretty fair system that keeps us committed to serving our readers first. And of course, our writers and editors are never made aware of or influenced by which companies have affiliate relationships with our business team.

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We are excited to inform all that we will soon be broadcasting on our new YouTube channel.

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